Channelcorp Management Consultants Inc.

Partner and Ecosystem Changes

Channel partners of all species are transitioning from transaction driven legacy business models to a blend of transactional and recurring revenue driven business models. Recurring revenue businesses like cloud, SaaS, and managed service provision (XSP) are growing 4-5 times the rate of the IT industry as a whole.

This new, two-day workshop is rich with discussion, lessons from the field, case studies, current research and recent Channelcorp experience with the challenges of transforming partner business models, and channel ecosystem functionality.

Session A (Day 1 AM), foundation elements, begins with a focus on what vendor, partner and distributor personnel need to know about the job of helping business partners transition to a recurring revenue centric business model. The session focuses on the key elements of channel and partner transformation knowledge that all channel practitioners' should have regardless of what they do, and whom they do it for. The session provides a focus on the core competencies that channel professionals and partner managers require to do their jobs.

Session B (Day1 PM/Day 2 AM), the partner pivot, provides specific and prescriptive guidance to channel partners, those who manage them, and those who create recurring revenue centric programs for them. At the conclusion of the session attendees will know what a partner needs to look like, and what they need to be able do to effectively execute a pivot to a recurring revenue centric business model.

Session C (Day 2 PM), role transformations, examines the multiple role shifts that need to take place in order for the channel ecosystem to stay functional as the industry pivots to a recurring revenue future. Vendors, distributors and partners all need to transform a substantial amount of their strategy, structure and infrastructure in order to make an effective pivot to a business model that is not transaction centric. The session is designed to offer clear direction for the changes ahead.