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NEW Cloud Transition Handbook-first edition

The Cloud Transition Handbook ($200US/PDF) is the definitive guide for partners, distributors and vendors who wish to transform a transaction centric strategy and business model to a recurring revenue centric model that sells, services and supports cloud, SaaS and MPS solutions. Using this resource a partner can put together a sustainable cloud transition strategy...purchase includes one free month access to cloud based business planning solution. A vendor or distributor can learn the partner experience. This unique 125-page guide provides 70 figures that include worksheets, checklists and 135 analytical questions to drive your investments, activities and results.

Emerging issues...strategies for IT channel growth-first edition

Emerging issues...strategies for IT channel growth ($200US/PDF) contains content that will help you understand and drive critical analysis and planning. The Handbook provides 9 key sections/40 chapters/167 pages/122 figures of original Channelcorp insights and research focused on helping channel professionals grow and transform contemporary IT channels, strategies and partners.

Ecosystems and Alliance handbook-first edition

When partners, distributors and vendors need an operating manual full of strategic blueprints and tactical checklists to help them create successful partner or vendor transformation strategies built around ecosystems, alliances and partnerships they purchase the Ecosystems and Alliances Handbook ($200US/PDF)

Reseller Management Handbook-eight edition

The Reseller Management Handbook ($200US/PDF) continues to advise partners, distributors and vendors who wish to formulate, or drive the formulation, financing and execution of pragmatic plans to transform and increase the value of contemporary partner and reselling organizations.

Channels Handbook-third edition

The Channels Handbook ($200US/PDF) provides detailed guidance to vendors and distributors who need to grow and transform their partners and partner portfolios. Our best selling book, the Channels Handbook is used by thousands of channel professionals around the world.

Channelcorp white paper collection

The Channelcorp white paper collection ($750 US/PDF) provides 12 focused and deep documents (10-25 pages) that will help channel professionals address contemporary channel problems such as cloud channel growth, partner transition, partner CEO roles, recessions, ignition of channel growth, emerging market growth, business model transformation and leasing.

The Channelcorp library

The Channelcorp library ($1500 US/PDF) includes all five Channelcorp books and the Channelcorp White paper collection. This is the most complete library for channel professionals available in the industry.